Analytical agency "AUTOSTAT" quoted the hijackings of passenger cars in Russia in January-May 2015, which was drawn up by experts at the agency number of hijackings in the region and the most popular models from Theft Auto.

According to the given data, in January-May 2015 the number of thefts of cars fell over the same period last year by 6.1 percent and amounted to 14,339 cars (for comparison, in January-May of last year was 15,275 vehicles). In May 2015 it was stolen in 2959 cars, which is 11.8 percent less than in May last year.
The leader in car thefts among the large cities of the Russian Federation is Moscow (2778 car thefts in January-May of the current year).
In second place St. Petersburg (2318 hijackings).
In third place - Moscow Region (1601 stolen car).
Then follows - Sverdlovsk region (580 hijackings), Krasnoyarsk (461 hijacking), Krasnodar (445 stolen vehicles), Novosibirsk (424 hijacking), Chelyabinsk region (422 hijacking), Leningrad (396 hijackings), Samara region (301 stolen car).
The most popular have proved Theft Auto "VAZ-2106" (651 car), the "VAZ-2107" (508 hijackings), VAZ-2114 (429avtomobiley), Ford Focus (423 hijacking), Toyota Corolla (397 cars), a sedan LADA Priora (350 units), Mazda 3 (344 cars), Toyota Camry (323 hijacking), Hyundai Solaris (311 pieces), VAZ-2109 (306 hijackings).