Welcome to our web site!
For the first time the company Rukotek stepped on earth Petersburg in June 2003. Since then, 10 years have passed.
During this time, for the implementation of joint Russian-Korean projects were created Russian legal entity LLC "Rukotek." By controlling the company, we more. ogomu learned and gained tremendous experience. In 2008, in St. Petersburg opened a car plant Hyundai. Along with him were opened eight factories - suppliers. These developments have strengthened the role of Korea in the Russian market and demonstrate the quality level of Korean companies.
In response to these developments and on the basis of cumulative experience has created a new construction company "Rukotek St. Petersburg." The purpose of the new company was to provide Korean companies the services they need, such as construction, reconstruction, restoration and other. To participate in major construction projects of "Rukotek St. Petersburg" took self-regulatory organization (SRO) and has received a number required for the construction work tolerances.
Of course, in relation to the experience of our company we have something to strive for, but we are working hard to maintain its reputation as a company that is responsible for its work to the full implementation of its obligations to the customer. Our significant advantage is the understanding of both Russian and Korean culture. For us it is not a big difficulty issues related to linguistic and cultural characteristics of the two countries. We hope for your interest in our company and for your support.
We wish prosperity to your business and your family happiness.
General Director of "St. Petersburg Rukotek" Chung Chung Ho