Storage facilities cannot be competently organized without the appropriate accessories. Storage of small HVD products for various purposes made using pallets. This special form convenient for loading and unloading of the package for its further transportation. The features of a metal pallet has good capacity and has a comfortable grip for the forks. Previously, most widely used are wooden pallets, but today more and more demand for metal pallets. This is due to their high strength, reliability in long-term and intensive use and long service life.

For the production of pallets were installed all the necessary equipment and experts were invited. So since January 2015 our company started to carry out the first orders.

Thanks to our specialists in the production of pallets, we are trying to produce a top quality product.

Currently in Russia there is a big problem in procurement of high-quality peripheral equipment (wheels, bowls, etc.) for the production of pallets.

To solve this problem and the manufacture of pallets that meet the requirements of our customer we do order the necessary equipment in South Korea.